Clean energy

The LNJ Bhilwara Group through Bhilwara Energy Limited, its principal holding company for development and operation of renewable energy in India and overseas has successfully commissioned two hydro and three wind power projects with two solar power plants in planning phase in different parts of India aggregating a total of more than 360 MWs. As a result, the average annual GHG emission reductions of the group stands as 9,27,362 (tCO2e) and is generating more than 1,200 million
units of clean energy annually.

Responsible production by recycling

RSWM Limited, the flagship company of the LNJ Bhilwara Group offers recycled yarns in its fabrics. The state-of-the-art Garnett machine commissioned at the denim fabric manufacturing division of RSWM limited – LNJ Denim, efficiently breaks down post-consumer waste fabrics and converts them into new usable fibres and eliminates excess waste from landfills, thereby contributing towards a greener environment. Saving: 30 Ton / Month.

Environment friendly sustainable fibers

Manufactured from post-consumer waste PET bottles, are said to be one of the greenest fibres of the world in terms of Co2e. In terms of sustainability, these fibres help in reducing dependence on fossil fuels, natural resources by using postconsumer waste PET bottles which would otherwise have gone for land fill, oceans, or incineration, thereby offering certified green end-products and meet the increasing need for sustainable apparel from overseas buyers and brands.


Sustainable water management

LNJ Denim offers fabrics dyed with advanced techniques that use less water and chemicals. All the postprocess water is treated in an effluent
treatment plant and further purified via reverse osmosis before returning it to the environment cleaner than before.